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Mar 16, 2024

The CIOMajlis Innovation Tour to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China, provided an extensive exploration into China’s technological prowess and innovation landscape. The visits covered a range of institutions and companies that underscored China’s leadership in technology, innovation, and sustainability.

Huawei, a global technology leader, offered insights into its commitment to innovation, showcasing the production of its Huawei Mate 60 Mobile phone, and exploring its strategies for cybersecurity, privacy protection, and enterprise solutions. The tour of Huawei’s Songshan Lake Campus and the Global Cyber Security and Privacy Protection Transparency Center provided participants with a deep dive into the company’s cutting-edge technologies and approaches to ICT infrastructure and smart terminals.

iFlytek, known for its advancements in artificial intelligence and speech recognition, illustrated the creation and impact of its vast digital ecosystem across various sectors, including education, healthcare, and smart homes. The discussion on AI advancements highlighted iFlytek’s contributions to AI research and its application in real-world scenarios.

DJI Technology, as a leader in drone and aerial imaging systems, demonstrated the revolutionary impact of drone technology across multiple industries. The visit explored the robotics and AI technologies behind DJI’s products, emphasizing their role in advancing agriculture, filmmaking, and emergency response efforts.

The Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Ecological Park showcased its commitment to environmental sustainability through green technologies and smart operations. This visit highlighted efforts to minimize consumption and emissions while ensuring efficiency and comfort within its eco-friendly space.

Lastly, the Shenzhen Airport visit provided insights into the integration of technology in airport operations, focusing on passenger flow management, baggage handling, and the implementation of innovative solutions to enhance the travel experience.

Overall, the CIOMajlis innovation tour to China offered participants a comprehensive and immersive experience into the country’s tech and innovation ecosystem. Visits to leading companies like Huawei, iFlytek, DJI Technology, and key infrastructures such as the Shenzhen Bay Science and Technology Ecological Park and Shenzhen Airport, provided valuable insights into China‚Äôs technological advancements, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to sustainability.